02. Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

Real estate and property law is an extensive legal area, regulated by federal and state statutes, as well as common law. Many aspects of this area overlap with contract law. Real Estate transaction can originate from letter of intent , an offer, or a written purchase agreement. In practice David has found clients stuck at various stages of the transfer of ownership or possession of real property. Coming to terms that are agreeable and insuring escrow can close with good and marketable title are some of the challenging aspects our clients have found themselves stuck. Whether you require the full services of an attorney from the drafting of a letter of intent to through the close of escrow, or you just need an expert to provide a nudge in the process. The law office of Davide J Greiner provides services tailored to your goals. Such services include leases, land leases, purchase agreements, deeds of trust, deeds, loan agreements, personal guarantees, escrow instructions and letters of intent. 

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