01. Corporate / Business Law

Corporate/Business Law

We are prepared to help our clients with all aspects of corporate law and the individual matters tied to owning and running a business. Business problems come in all shapes and sizes and can touch various legal disciplines. General counsel services will provide our corporate clients with individual and collective strategic planning, asset protection, business planning and loan structuring services. David also provides services related to buy-sells, entity formation, business planning and deal structuring. 

Business law deals with the creation, structuring and maintenance of new and existing businesses and the related issues that arise as businesses interact with the public, other companies and the federal, state and local governments. Business law is unique in that there is a cost associated with every matter considered. Winning in business law is far more than doing the transactional work, representing a client in court or negotiating a settlement. David's interpretation of business law is having the client achieve the intended result as efficiently as possible. 

Effectively leveraging business and governmental contacts is essential in producing for our clients. Business law is equally "how" as well as "how much".

How to defend against California PAGA claims

David Greiner, Esq., takes a few moments to discuss California PAGA (Private Attorneys General Act ) claims and the devastation they cause to employers. The good news is that due to a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision, we now have a small defense.

Take a few minutes to watch this informative video and then take the next step and call our office.


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