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Your goal is our mission. We have a business first mindset. Business focused - Legally effective.

David J Greiner Law Corp
Areas of Legal Practice 

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Corporate/Business Law

From forming the right entity with the right governing documents to structuring the financial statements for a loan or preparing for an acquisition, this firm sees corporate law in a manner that serves the client.  Working in concert with the brilliance of the client instead of as an impediment to the client reaching their goals is a founding principle of the firm.  David J. Greiner Law Corp will provide advice, counsel and drafting in a manner that serves client goals with respect for efficiency.


Real Estate Law

Real estate law is a practice based in common law that is founded in the notion that real property is associated with a bundle of rights.  In modern practice, those rights must be insurable to be of any real value.  The David J. Greiner Law Corp has established relationships in the title and escrow world to ensure the client is holding good, marketable and insurable title.  Last, real estate transactions can be extremely complex with “experts” all pulling and manipulating a transaction.  But what about when something goes wrong?  It is common for all of those experts to blame the other.  Brokers, agents, escrow officers, appraisers, lenders and title insurers aren’t going to advocate for you.  This firm believes that efficient and direct resolution of real estate disputes is the best policy for all involved. 


Trust, Estate Planning, and Wills

We help our clients plan for their financial future, avoid probate, and protect their assets for their families.

David J Greiner, Esq.
SBN 229211

David Greiner was admitted as a member of the California Bar as an Attorney at Law in 2003. He maintains a professional practice that encompasses a number of business, contract and corporate law clients. David focuses his practice specifically on real estate, business formation, business administration, contracts, consulting, buy-sells and deal structuring.

Clients of David Greiner have become accustomed to winning. Being business minded first, means listening intently to the client's goals and using any and all resources to achieving them. Clients of David Greiner overwhelmingly would affirm that he puts their goals first and allows them to choose the amount of risk they are comfortable with in their business undertakings.

Business Minded, Legally Effective